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Web Summit 2019 - Opening Night

Gurvinder Ahluwalia

Founder & CEO | Digital Twin Labs

Gurvinder Ahluwalia is the Founder & CEO of Digital Twin Labs based in the US. Previously, he was Chief Technology Officer at IBM for Blockchain, Cloud, and IoT for North America and alumnus of the IBM Academy of Technology. Gurvinder has stewarded industry, business, public, and open source through our recent waves of tech disruption in Internet, Mobile, Cloud, and now Blockchain, IoT, Digital Assets and AI/ML.


Under Gurvinder’s leadership, Digital Twin Labs has co-created for clients and partners a new denomination of digital platforms and digital ventures. These include blockchain based supply chains for global trade of diamonds, exchange platform for mortgage servicing, provenance in supply of food and nutrition, blockchain based supply network for 3D printed parts in aerospace, cloud-based streaming video analytics for brand growth, and provenance of containers in global shipping using blockchain. These platforms tackle burning problems in provenance, compliance, risk, trade finance, privacy, data ownership, incentive alignment, social good, and ecosystem governance.